Türk Nöroşirürji Dergisi 2020 , Vol 30 , Num 1
The Anatomy of the Petrous Bone and Anterior Petrosectomy
Halil Olgun PEKER1
1Okmeydanı Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Beyin Cerrahi Kliniği, İstanbul, Türkiye The temporal bone has a very important role in skull base surgery. Knowing the anatomy of the petrous section is especially important in the surgery of the petrous apex and superior clival region lesions. The petrous bone has 3 parts: the apex, base and the 3 surfaces. Anterior petrosectomy (extended middle fossa approach) is evaluated in 5 sections: 1. Detection of the middle meningeal artery, and coagulation and division, 2. Detection of the foramen ovale and V3 (mandibular nerve) passing through it, 3. Detection of the GSPN (greater superficial petrosal nerve) and dissecting it from the dura, 4. Detection of the meatal plane in the petrous ridge (projection of IAC) and trigeminal impression, 5. Anterior petrosectomy. This technique is safe for the petrous apex, clivus and posterior fossa lesions. The limitations should be considered. Anahtar Kelimeler : Anterior petrosectomy, Petrous bone, Petrous apex