Türk Nöroşirürji Dergisi 2007 , Vol 17 , Num 3
Surgeon İbrahim and Chapters Related to Neurosurgery of Alâ'im-i Cerrâhîn
Ahmet ACIDUMAN1, Uygur ER2, Deniz BELEN3
1S.B. Etlik İhtisas Hastanesi, Nöroşirürji Kliniği, Ankara
2,3S.B. Dışkapı Yıldırım Bayezit Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, II. Nöroşirürji Kliniği, Ankara
The purpose of this presentation is to introduce of a Turkish surgical monograph from 16th century and to discuss the chapters related to neurosurgery. The latter part of the surgical monograph by Surgeon Ibrahim includes neuroanatomy, dissection, penetrating wounds, skull and spine fractures, dislocations and their treatment protocols. The monograph that had been written in Turkish with Arabic letters was transcribed into Latin alphabet and analyzed. The work was compared with Surgeon Ibrahim's predecessors' and contemporary medical writers' opinions according to techniques, applications and classifications. Although, Surgeon Ibrahim frequently quoted Ibn Sina, Hippocrates and Galen, he also presented his own original opinions and some classifications. While dealing with these subjects, Surgeon Ibrahim emphasized on proper knowledge regarding etiology of certain diseases that could lead correct management; surgeon's social behaviors in the community; significance of consultation from about 500 years ago. He conveyed the data of maneuvers and equipments, particularly for spine injuries, in addition to valuable practices from his predecessors. One of the significant features of the work is that it is written in Turkish language with using few Arabic or Persian words. Anahtar Kelimeler : Ala'im-i Cerrahin, Cranioplasty, Head traumas, History of Neurosurgery, History of Neuroanatomy, Spine fractures, Surgeon Ibrahim