Türk Nöroşirürji Dergisi 2021 , Vol 31 , Num 1
Premature Periventricular-Intraventricular Hemorrhage
Gökalp SILAV1,Gülşah ÖZTÜRK1
1İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi, Sağlık Bilimleri Yüksekokulu, İstanbul Periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage is a disease process that affects premature newborn infants, especially those born with a gestational age of less than 32 weeks. Hemorrhage occurs from the germinal matrix in the periventricular area that can then extend into the ventricles as intraventricular hemorrhage. Severe hemorrhage usually creates a risk for both post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus and periventricular leukomalacia associated with high degrees of significant neurodevelopmental disability and mortality. This review broadly describes the mechanism underlying intraventricular hemorrhage and assesses the whole treatment and management strategies, pharmacologic and surgical modalities, and the techniques and their complications in the management of intraventricular hemorrhage and post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus in premature infants. Anahtar Kelimeler : Premature infant, Posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus, Intraventricular hemorrhage, Periventricular leukomalasia, Ventriculoperitoneal shunt