Türk Nöroşirürji Dergisi 2022 , Vol 32 , Num 1
The History and Description of High-Risk Meningiomas
Maftun ZARBIZADA1,Koray ÖZDUMAN1,M. Necmettin PAMIR1
1Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar Üniversitesi, Tıp Fakültesi, Nöroşirürji Anabilim Dalı, İstanbul, Türkiye There is a great deal of knowledge that meningioma, the most common primary brain tumor, is not a single tumor type, but a group of tumors. Some tumors in this group show malignant behavior, while others recur in the early period after treatment, creating great difficulties in treatment. Although histopathological classification is the most widely accepted method for estimating this group, which is defined as high-risk meningiomas, it is not the only method. Currently, the following risk factors have been defined to predict recurrence: 1-demographic, 2-clinical, 3-histopathological, 4-genetic, and 5-epigenetic. In this article, the concept of high-risk meningioma will be evaluated within the history of meningioma nomenclature and classification, and risk factors will be discussed one by one. Anahtar Kelimeler : Meningioma, Recurrence, Atypical meningioma, Anaplastic meningioma